Barry Bowen


Anchors for Fall Protection

06th February 2012
Definition “Anchor” means an engineered component for coupling a fall arrest or travel restraint system to an anchorage. Anchorage means a structure, or part of a structure, that is capable of safely withstanding any potential forces applied by a fal... Read >

Elements of a Fall Protection Program

02nd February 2012
An effective fall protection program should have the following elements: 1. identify risks associated with falls in the workplace and at home, by reviewing statistics and participating in a classroom discussion. 2. identify the most common types of ri... Read >

Canopies South Africa - Beekman Canopies

19th May 2010
Beekman is a world leader in the designing and fitting of fiber glass canopies and other similar products such as boot lids for cars and special linings for your special vehicle. This company has been a main competitor in its market for over thirty years... Read >